The Mr. Douglas Society Incorporated

Official F.A.A. aircraft registration n129H

United Airlines passenger airplane, circa 1941s

united airlines commercial carrier

(R-L) NC33647 United 19Apr41 – Western 05Jun42 – Hil-Drown Venture 31Mar58 – N129H (2) H W Jamieson Ent, Beverly Hills, CA [V] (May59) – Douglas Acft Co Jan64 -Acft Assocs Inc, LGB, CA (1966) – B B Jackson, Grants Pass, OR (1968) – Jack Adams Acft Sales Inc, Walls, MS Apr69 – Arkansas Avn Sales Inc, Little Rock, AR (1971) – Beaumont Avn, Beaumont, TX May72 – L H Brown, Zellwood, FL (1972) – G J Dupuis, Deland, FL (1973) – R P Favreau, Deland, FL R23Jun78 – G Hannah, Zephyr Hills, FL R11Feb81 – M Borghorst, Zephyr Hills, FL “Mister Douglas” R03Dec81-Deland, FL- Feb00-SAVE-A-DC-3 Mr. Douglas Society, Inc. Valparaiso, IN. R11Jan18.

Western Airlines passenger airplane, circa 1942-1958.

Western Airlines air carrier

Flew for several renowned skydiving drop zones coast to coast, circa 1972, 1980s, 1990s.

Mister Douglas N129H at the drop zone

Articles of Incorporation

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Indiana Department of State Certificate of Incorporation

Indiana Certificate of Incorporation
Indiana Secretary of State non profit 501(c)(3)

Douglas Society Incorporated