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SAVE-A-DC-3, THE MR. DOUGLAS SOCIETY, INC. is a new corporation domiciled in the State of Indiana; whose principals are Michael Rouse, James Bennett, and Mark Borghorst. We have petitioned and received a full public charity status under rule 501(c) (3), effective June 1, 2017.  Donors can now deduct all cash contributions under IRC section 170, as we also are qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devices, transfers, or gifts under section 2055, 2106, or 2522. Come share in the excitement of our vision.

On December 13, 2017, The Mr. Douglas Society purchased the famous iconic aircraft known as “Mister Douglas,” a 1941 Douglas DC-3A, serial # 4126, registration number N-129H, and who we all loved to make parachute jumps from and fly.

We have cherished the unforgettable memories of an era long since passsed. This DC-3 was the aircraft that put the word DIVE in SKYDIVING. This airplane matters!

It is time that we preserve our aviation and sport parachuting history for the 21st century and the legacy for future sport parachutists and aviators. To do this, we need your help.

The anointed “Mr. Douglas” can be timeless! The Donald Douglas Aircraft Company DC-3 is the only aircraft ever manufactured with “No Life Limits”; which means it can fly literally forever if properly maintained.

Unfortunately, Mr. Douglas is currently sitting on the ramp in Tullahoma, Tennessee. But the aircraft is in remarkably good condition after being parked for 18 years. The Mr. Douglas Society Inc. has compiled a Budget and Project Schedule for the aircraft’s complete restoration. So, please, get on board and contribute today.

The non-profit historical preservation society has been overwhelmed by the support we have received so far. Everyone wants to be a part of this important historical aviation preservation project. To date we have private commitments totaling $160,000. It’s a great start to our projected goal of $500,000 that will complete the restoration part of our vision.  We want to give you, the parachute and aviation industry leaders, the opportunity to contribute your support to this future legacy. This will be key to conducting a successful campaign with our skydiving and aviation community.

Early sport parachuting enthusiasts all have heartfelt ties to this majestic pre-WWII old bird, whether it was for R&D, training, or flying World Record Championships, it all needs to be documented and preserved for future similar endeavors.  Please let’s help The Mr. Douglas Society Inc. preserve the aircraft’s entire history for generations to come.

Once the aircraft’s restoration and recertification is complete, we plan to take “Mr. Douglas” on a National Skydiving Boogie Tour and to air show featured events.

The Mr. Douglas Society Inc. will seek out opportunities to promote the world’s most famous skydiving aircraft to the I.C.A.S. air show circuit and major skydiving events coast to coast.  The Mr. Douglas Society Inc. will offer skydiving and dedication routines that can be performed for patriotic opening ceremonies using qualified parachuting demonstration teams, to include tandem parachuting jumps of local and national dignitaries and or donors as part of these very public programs.

At each event the historical educational society will set up a display booth for interpretive historical information with large banners and flags displaying donor’s logos. The interior of the aircraft will include a museum of historic media information and photographs.

Our mission is to teach new generations what the aviation and sport parachuting industries are all about; and why it is so important to preserve this part of America’s aviation and parachuting history.

Thank you for your support. Please donate today. 

Contact  mrouse@mrdouglas.org

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  1. Please mail your tax-deductible donation check to and pay to the order of:
    202 Union Street
    Valparaiso, IN 46383

  2. The last time I saw Mr. Douglas was at Fort Dodge, IA for a huge boogie. I was there with Mike Mullins Helio Stallion and strict instuctions to cycle as rapidly as possible with no excursions above paid altitude. I, to this day, regret that Mark Borghorst had to go around since I got to close. I am stunned that Mr. Douglas sat for 18 years unused. This is a righteous project to restore this aircraft!

  3. Well, “Robby O”, It is guys and gals like yourself who will never forget this Mr. Douglas and makes what we are doing “as a labor of love”. Thank you for your generous tax-deductible contribution and will to get your hands-on dirty too. Keep in mind that the bird is sitting on the Tullahoma airport dropzone in Tennessee; but the parts and pieces are near the dropzone in DeLand, Florida being refashioned as like new. Please feel free to contact Mike Rouse (email hereon) and who can schedule some volunteer time along side the other old school skydivers making this happen for our favorite bird.

    Blue Skies,

    P.S. Rocky Evans says, “Bring it on”.

  4. I just threw down 50.00 and more to follow. I love this airplane. I have so many good memories jumping out of Mr.D… I would love to do some hands-on work or support work to help out. Is this possible? My wife and I are planning on hitting the road very soon and we will be traveling and be living full time in our RV I would love to stop by and do whatever I can to help out. In any case, I will donate what I can when I can. I so want to be a part of getting MR. D back in the big blue skies. Thank you so much for getting this going.

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